Definitely the most luxury tasting in 2013 Nantou Global TeaExpo

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10 Taiwanese Champion teas are ready for tasting

It is definitely the most luxury tasting I’ve ever made!!!

2013 Nantou Global TeaExpo from 5th, Oct., 2013 ~27th, Oct., 2013 is holding a “Golden Tasting” event, offering 17 different exquisite Taiwanese teas to taste, 10 teas per time, only cost NTD100.  It makes a pretty good deal…

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A little Trip to Lugu (鹿谷) and Shanlinxi (杉林溪)


Few days ago, I went to lugu and took a little detour to shanlinxi for tea garden visting.  Between lugu and shanlinxi is connected by a crooked mountain road in which there are 12 turns named after by the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac, incl. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Sneak, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Continue reading

Get Free Tasting Set of Artisanal Black Tea from Taiwan!‏


A Set of 3 Artisanal Black Tea from Taiwan

Tea Lovers,

To celebrate our grand opening, we are offering free tasting opportunity of 3 artisanal black teas. Continue reading

Interview with Tea Farmers – Kevin Liang / Yuchi, Taiwan

A Close Look in Dong Feng's Tea Farm

A Close Look in Dong Feng’s Tea Farm

Dear Tea Lovers,

Thanks to Kevin who accepted my interview and provided me with valuable comments in which some I have not interpreted well in the first interview.  Therefore, I am gonna reblog this with some amendments in both English/ Chinese version, in order to get this interview more close to the original.  In addition, some valuable pictures will be posted here to let you guys know more about what’s in Kevin’s tea farm. Continue reading

Taiwan Oolong – Golden Jade (金玉茶)

Taiwan Oolong/ Golden Jade

A Cup of Golden Jade

This is a very interesting tea I brought back from my tea trip in Mingjiang, Taiwan.  Golden Jade is a mutant varietal from Jin Xuan (aka TTES#12)  It was found and developed by local tea master, Mr. Chen Jinchang (陳錦昌).  In 20 years ago, Mr. Chen identified a mutant variety from his Jin Xuan tea garden, and found its aroma is way different (and better) from Jin Xuan.  After years of experiments and development, the Golden Jade tasted today is the 4th generation from its original version. Continue reading