How to brew Oriental Beauty Tea / 如何泡東方美人茶

Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty (Photo credit: chadao)

An alternative steeping method I learned a few days ago, it could be used in other twisted shape tea, incl. Red Jade/ TTES#18 (紅玉/台茶18號), Red Rhythm/ TTES#21 (紅韻/台茶21號), Red of 4  seasons (四季紅), or Pouchong.  

This works best for the people who do not like much in astringent  taste.  Try it sometime! Continue reading


Interview with Tea Farmers – Kevin Liang / Yuchi, Taiwan

A Close Look in Dong Feng's Tea Farm

A Close Look in Dong Feng’s Tea Farm

Dear Tea Lovers,

Thanks to Kevin who accepted my interview and provided me with valuable comments in which some I have not interpreted well in the first interview.  Therefore, I am gonna reblog this with some amendments in both English/ Chinese version, in order to get this interview more close to the original.  In addition, some valuable pictures will be posted here to let you guys know more about what’s in Kevin’s tea farm. Continue reading

How to Brew Red Jade (紅玉) with Milk


Good morning everyone, this time I am gonna to demonstrate how to brew Red Jade (aka Ruby Black, or TTES#18) with MILK. It’s a fun attempt for me as most people tend in Taiwan prefer to drink It Straight. It’s like you won’t use a high end single malt single cask whisky for making cocktail. A part of reason is it’s too expensive to do so, and high quality red jade is expensive. But, I’ve been always loving to experience new possibility with tea. So let’s get started. Continue reading

Easy Tea Hard Choice – Tea Club Round 1- Club of Red

What is the Tea Club of Easy Tea Hard Choice?

Since I realized that artisanal tea tends to stay in local which create a gap between decent local tea makers and worldwide tea connoisseurs, I was trying to find a way fullfill this gap. The idea of Tea Club is inspired by the concept of “wine club” in the wine world, with its goal to provide international tea enthusiasts with an in-depth selection of Taiwan Tea which would be otherwise difficult to be found by people outside of its origin. Continue reading