Definitely the most luxury tasting in 2013 Nantou Global TeaExpo

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10 Taiwanese Champion teas are ready for tasting

It is definitely the most luxury tasting I’ve ever made!!!

2013 Nantou Global TeaExpo from 5th, Oct., 2013 ~27th, Oct., 2013 is holding a “Golden Tasting” event, offering 17 different exquisite Taiwanese teas to taste, 10 teas per time, only cost NTD100.  It makes a pretty good deal…

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Foguii commented on Red of Four Seasons (四季紅), Artisanal Black Tea directly from tea farm in Taiwan!


A complex, exotic brew

This exceptional tea knows how to make a frist impression, with delicate, long twisted leaves with a few golden tips, a fragrance reminiscent of wet wood, wicker, berries, and more fruity/honeyed notes as the leaves get moistened. The deep copper brew has a pleasant velvety texture and just enough astringency to balance out the sweetness. Lingering aromas of lychees, blackberries, peaches with malty undertones combine towards a fresh, menthol finish. Brilliant!

Tea Tasting- 2013 Spring High Mountain Oolong, Delicate Fragrance (奇萊高山清香烏龍 2013年春茶), from Chi-Lai Mount., Taiwan


This one is also made by the valuable hand plucked tea leaves from Chi-Lai Mountain in Taiwan (the one with the most lengdary tales among the mountains in Taiwan), and processed by the hand of a true tea artisan, Mr. Lee Ming Zheng.  Its lower oxidation level makes it look green in color, and indicate a slim liquor body as well as a delicate fragrance to be sensed in the following taste.   If you like high mountain teas from Taiwan, such as DYL tea, you gotta try this one!

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Interview with Mr. Lee, Ming Zheng at Lee’s Tea Estate in Lugu, Taiwan


Pre warming the tea pot


In a summer afternoon, I stepped into Lee’s Tea Estate to interview its owner, Mr. Lee, an experienced tea artisan in Lugu, Taiwan.  I was so immersed in the talking (and teas as well) that I failed to keep track of time.  When the interview was finished, it was already dark outside.  Only then did I realize that we have been talking for almost 3 hours.  To be honest, I did not expect it would last so long.  I am never good at long talking, guess neither does Mr. Lee.  But, it was really amazing that two people who met each other for the first time felt like being old friends for many years.  There is an old Chinese saying which best describes this “A thousand cup of wines would not suffice when two confidants meet.” Continue reading

Is Cream Down (冷後渾) a sign of better black tea?


Cream down (milk down, or tea cream in some literatures) is an effect of precipitate formed after tea cools down.  It usually happens in black tea or highly oxidized oolong tea.  Some assert it is a sign of superior quality.  However, there are also some literatures discussing how to eliminate cream down effect on ice tea (or beverage tea, usually cheap and low-qualitied in nature) since consumers prefer clean and crystal tea. These controvertial findings make me doubt if cream down effect is proper measurement of tea quality. Continue reading