Definitely the most luxury tasting in 2013 Nantou Global TeaExpo

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10 Taiwanese Champion teas are ready for tasting

It is definitely the most luxury tasting I’ve ever made!!!

2013 Nantou Global TeaExpo from 5th, Oct., 2013 ~27th, Oct., 2013 is holding a “Golden Tasting” event, offering 17 different exquisite Taiwanese teas to taste, 10 teas per time, only cost NTD100.  It makes a pretty good deal…

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A Little Story of Mr. Wu, Zhen Duo, the Father of Taiwanese Tea/ 戰後台茶之父-吳振鐸先生軼事

In 1983, Mr. Wu acted as a Judge in a national tea competition held in Nantou, Taiwan. In each stage, after Mr. Wu finished his evaluation, he would let his 3 apprentices to give a try of the teas.  When it come to the final 5,

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Taiwan Tea Trip- Yuchi Town (Sun Moon Lake)- Part 1

A view of Sun Moon Lake

A view of Sun Moon Lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rise from the Ashes of the Phoenix – the black tea of Yuchi (Sun Moon Lake)


Many of you may be familiar with the Ruby Black (Taiwan Tea #18) at Sun Moon Lake if you are a fan of black tea.  However, fewer people know about the story behind it.  As the subtitle saying “Rise from the Ashes of the Phoenix”, it is not only a story of the rise and fall of black tea in Yuchi Township, but also a story of people strove forward when it seemed no hope at all. Continue reading

Taiwan Tea Trip- Mingjian Town


(Road to Mingjiang Tea Garden)

Previously, I talked aboutmy plan to visit Taiwan’s biggest tea plantation area (Mingjian). Mingjian is being responsible for more than 50% of tea production in Taiwan. The importance of Mingjian’s Tea to Taiwan is like Languedoc-Roussillon’s Wine to France, which produces more than a third of wine production in France. I personally love the wine from Languedoc-Roussillon area due to its diversified variety, stable quality and acceptable price. The Tea from Mingjian is just like this. So I choose Mingjiang as my first stop of tea trip in Taiwan. Here I come, Mingjian!!! Continue reading