How to brew Oriental Beauty Tea / 如何泡東方美人茶

Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty (Photo credit: chadao)

An alternative steeping method I learned a few days ago, it could be used in other twisted shape tea, incl. Red Jade/ TTES#18 (紅玉/台茶18號), Red Rhythm/ TTES#21 (紅韻/台茶21號), Red of 4  seasons (四季紅), or Pouchong.  

This works best for the people who do not like much in astringent  taste.  Try it sometime! Continue reading


How to Brew Red Jade (紅玉) with Milk


Good morning everyone, this time I am gonna to demonstrate how to brew Red Jade (aka Ruby Black, or TTES#18) with MILK. It’s a fun attempt for me as most people tend in Taiwan prefer to drink It Straight. It’s like you won’t use a high end single malt single cask whisky for making cocktail. A part of reason is it’s too expensive to do so, and high quality red jade is expensive. But, I’ve been always loving to experience new possibility with tea. So let’s get started. Continue reading

Does Full Leaf Tea Make a Better Cup?


It is a simple fact that “Better Coffee Depends on Good Grinding” which almost every coffee lover will agree with.  The main purpose to grind coffee is to expose the interior of the bean which allows the right amount of oils and flavors to be extracted.   As grounded coffee has more surface area to be conatcted with air which leads to quicker oxidization, it is always recommended to grind when ready to brew.

But, HOW ABOUT TEA?  Why is this not widely accepted in tea world as what has been done in coffee industry?  Continue reading