Visit a Tea Seed & Nursery Filed in Mingjiang / 拜訪名間的鴻興茶苗培育行

Left: Mr. Kang, the owner / Right: Me

Left: Mr. Kang, the owner / Right: Me

This week, I paid a visit to a tea seed & nursery field in Mingjiang.  The owner, Mr. Kang, has many years experiences in nurturing tea cultivars.  He is also the person who owns the right of two newly developed cultivars from TRES (Tea Research and Extension Station) :  Biyu/ TTES#19 (碧玉/台茶19號) and Yingxiang/ TTES#20 (迎香/台茶20號)  Any transaction of these tea plants needs Mr. Kang’s approval. Continue reading


Interview with Mr. Lee, Ming Zheng at Lee’s Tea Estate in Lugu, Taiwan


Pre warming the tea pot


In a summer afternoon, I stepped into Lee’s Tea Estate to interview its owner, Mr. Lee, an experienced tea artisan in Lugu, Taiwan.  I was so immersed in the talking (and teas as well) that I failed to keep track of time.  When the interview was finished, it was already dark outside.  Only then did I realize that we have been talking for almost 3 hours.  To be honest, I did not expect it would last so long.  I am never good at long talking, guess neither does Mr. Lee.  But, it was really amazing that two people who met each other for the first time felt like being old friends for many years.  There is an old Chinese saying which best describes this “A thousand cup of wines would not suffice when two confidants meet.” Continue reading

Interview with Tea Farmers – Kevin Liang / Yuchi, Taiwan

A Close Look in Dong Feng's Tea Farm

A Close Look in Dong Feng’s Tea Farm

Dear Tea Lovers,

Thanks to Kevin who accepted my interview and provided me with valuable comments in which some I have not interpreted well in the first interview.  Therefore, I am gonna reblog this with some amendments in both English/ Chinese version, in order to get this interview more close to the original.  In addition, some valuable pictures will be posted here to let you guys know more about what’s in Kevin’s tea farm. Continue reading