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I am a stubborn person so that I appreciate people with the same quality.  Taiwan Tea, unlike other places of the world, is mainly grown and manufactured by small/ independent tea farmers.  Each tea, even with the same variety, has an unique aroma/ flavor attributed to different territories and different techniques of tea producers.  The beauty of it is that we, tea connoiseurs, have thousands of different possibilities to explore.  However, the drawback is lack of economic scale and, therefore, higher cost.

Due to fierce price competition from foreign tea, the tea plantation acreage in Taiwan decreased dramatically in recent years as some people abandoned their farm and went for an easier job in the city.  But, still, there are some people decided to stay and continued to produce artisan tea manually and organically.

Their stubbornness have impressed me.  But, without international marketing ability, which most local tea farmers don’t posses, people in the world will never know how good the tea is, not to mention how and where to buy it.  Therefore, I decided to quit my well-paid job/ comfortable life in China, returned to Taiwan with a dream to introduce quality Taiwan Tea to the world, and meanwhile, in hope to encourage more young return to the tea industry.  It was and still is a hard choice for me and my family.  Most people wouldn’t understand.  Yet, I believe it is a right thing to do.  That’s where our company ” EASY TEA HARD CHOICE” was born in the first place.

It was originally “easy tea fine choice”.  But, later I decided to rename from “fine choice” to  “HARD CHOICE” in order to remind our people that we should not forget this is a hard choice and we should always source the tea through the hard way in order to keep the best quality.

We are a tea company based in Taiwan, and provide the best of Taiwan Tea only.

1. No buying from middlemen.  Our tea comes directly from tea farm.
2. No blending with cheaper variety.  You are buying 100% what you want.
3. Vacuum packaged in Day1 as our golden rule to ensure the freshness of tea.  You should have the tea of what it originally is, not a pale shadow of what it was.
4. We are not hiding our sources.  Instead, you will be able to check the details of tea farmers on our website. We will periodically interviewed and documented their progress in tea growing/manufacturing with video and shared in YOUTOBE.  You could have the first hand information directly from the tea origin region.



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lawrence,

    I’m working on a documentary about Chinese culture, history and traditions and we love how the Taiwanese have preserved their tea culture. Would love to connect with you and learn more.



  2. I am very happy to see that I am not alone when it comes to honoring tradition! It’s very encouraging. I find your endeavors to be very noble and exciting, especially in such a commercialized time. I look forward to hearing more about your work and hopefully I’ll get the chance to try your teas!

    Thank you!

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  5. I am in Indian tea trade since many years. I can offer you very best organic/ non organic Darjeeling/ Assam orthodox full teas of 2nd flush.
    If interested, please mail me back.

    • Thanks, Nick. Currently, I am dedicated to Taiwan Tea only. If you are interested in premium Taiwan Tea, plz kindly let me know.
      Best Regards,

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