The seasonal characteristics of teas / 茶的季節特性


In Taiwan, most tea regions could have four harvest in a year ( Up to 7 times for some places, such as Mingjiang)  Based on the time of harvest, the teas are classified into into four seasons, which are  spring, summer, fall and winter.

Most Taiwanese oolong drinkers would agree that teas in spring/ winter are superior than which in summer/ fall.  Some even only drink spring tea and winter tea.  But, could you tell the differences of the four seasonal teas?  

Here is the tip. We could distinguish them by the aroma and flavor 

  • Spring  is SWEET
  • Summer is BITTER
  • Fall is ASTRINGENT
  • Winter  is AROMATIC



  • 春茶甜
  • 夏茶苦
  • 秋茶澀
  • 冬茶香

3 thoughts on “The seasonal characteristics of teas / 茶的季節特性

  1. 另有一說,個人覺得比較適用在形容各種茶的特色!

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