Tea Tasting- 2013 Spring High Mountain Oolong, Tranditional Roasted (奇萊高山傳統焙火烏龍 2013年春茶), from Chi-Lai Mount., Taiwan


This one is no doubt a master piece.  It is made by the valuable hand plucked tea leaves from Chi-Lai Mountain in Taiwan (the one with the most lengdary tales among the mountains in Taiwan), and processed by the hand of a true tea artisan, Mr. Lee Ming Zheng, who insists making oolong tea in trandtional method for more than 30 years.  I have to say this one is my personal favorite as it reminds me of taste of old fashion oolong tea in my grand father’s age which is very rare and difficult to find nowadays.


  • Chi-Lai Mountain (altitude 2,000 meter), Taiwan.
  • Click here to see the inteview of the producer, Mr. Lee at Lee’s Tea Estate, Lugu, Taiwan.

Brewing Tips:

  • 6 gram tea with 180 ml water
  • Pre-warm the teapot before brewing
  • Water temperature: Make sure it reach 100°C in order to bring out full fragrance
  • brewing time: 50 secs to 1 min secs

Tasting Note:

  • Appearance: the outwards appearance of tea leaf is in well-shaped of ball, a tranditional outlook of oolong.  The tea leaves are inact and dried, indicating it has been well roll and kneaded by tea maker.  The shape color is darkly brown reflected by its tranditional oonlong process.  A very fine work.
  • Nose:  Generally, a tranditional oolong has more flavor and less aroma.  But, this one has surprised me!  Strong fragrance slipped through when I put tea leaves into teapot after pre-warming.  Aroma become much strongger after the first infusion.  Pronounced floral fragrance with smoke wood is sensed.
  • Palate: The liquor body is full, and strong in texture. A hint of mineral is sensed attributed to the gravel ground of its origin.  The flavor of smoke wood perfectly balanced with its floral aroma.  Together, they put the sensational expeirence to the next level.
  • After taste: after taste is long and natural sweetness in the mouth.
  • Overall: It is a real exquisite oolong and my perosnal favorite.  Highly recommended!

If you are interested, visit here! We are now providing free tasting, first come first serve!


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