Tea Tasting – Red of Four Season (四季紅), Black Tea from Yuchi, Taiwan

Red of 4 Seasons

Red of 4 Seasons

This is a special black tea of small leaf variety (local variety originated in Taiwan) The tea manufacturing process is quite similar with Oriental Beauty, which the tea leafs must be bitten by a small green fly (official name is Jacobiasca formosana, but forget about it, just call it small green fly), only the oxidation level is heavier (90%) than which of Oriental Beauty (70%~80%)

Appearance: light golden

Nose: Very strong aroma with a hint of honey (especially the honey of lungan fruit), herbal note of green grass, and fragrance of lungan wood.  Very special aroma combined all these factors.

Palate: The liquor body is medium.  No sense of bitterness in tongue.  Very smooth feeling in palate.

Aftertaste: Aftertaste is strong and lasting. A feeling of sweetness and  perfume of honey and wood continue to last in my mouth and nose.

Overall:  This is certainly such kind of black tea which I will miss in my dream, just like a mature, charming lady.

If you are interested, visit here! We are now providing free tasting, first come first serve!


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