Tea Tasting- Guei Fei Oolong, High Mountain Oolong (奇萊高山貴妃烏龍) from Chi-Lai Mount., Taiwan


“Guei Fei” is Chinese Empire’s Concubine.  Sometimes, it is also a synonym of beautiful women as one of the most famous beautiful women in Chinese history is called “Guei Fei” Yang.  So we know Gui Fei Oolong must have something to do with the Oirental Beauty (or Bai Hao Oolong) as they are all pretty!

Yes, Guei Fei Oolong is very much similar to Oirental Beauty, both of which  must be made from the tea leaves bitten by small green fly (again its official name should be Jacobiasca formosana).  But except for that, they are actually different kind of teas, in terms of producing process, shapes, flavors and every aspects.


  • Chi-Lai Mountain (altitude 2,000 meter), Taiwan.
  • Click here to see the inteview of the producer, Mr. Lee at Lee’s Tea Estate, Lugu, Taiwan.

Brewing Tips:

  • 6 gram tea with 180 ml water
  • Pre-warm the tea pot before brewing
  • Water temperature: Make sure it reach 100°C in order to bring out full fragrance
  • brewing time: 55 secs to 1 min 10 secs

Tasting Note:

  • Appearance: the outwards appearance of tea leaf is in well-shaped of ball, a tranditional outlook of oolong.  The tea leaves are inact and dried, indicating the quality of tea and fine work of the tea maker.
  • Nose:  before brewing, the fragrance of dried tea leaf is light.  Only a very slight smell of wood ( and maybe bread & vanilla)  is sensed.  But, no worries!  After first infusion,  pronnounced fragrance of flower is fully unleashed  (at first, it appears to be Guiha, and then Rose), sweet note of honey, and a hint of toast and wood.
  • Palate: The liquor body is medium plus, smooth and rounded in the mounth.  The flavor of smoke wood perfectly balanced with the floral aroma.
  • After taste: after taste is long and natural sweetness in the mouth.
  • Overall: Not like other green fly bitten teas (such as Oriental Beauty or Red of 4 Seasons) have an unique flavor of logan wood, it is very balanced and definately a excellent oolong.

If you are interested, visit here! We are now providing free tasting, first come first serve!


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