Taiwan Oolong – Golden Jade (金玉茶)

Taiwan Oolong/ Golden Jade

A Cup of Golden Jade

This is a very interesting tea I brought back from my tea trip in Mingjiang, Taiwan.  Golden Jade is a mutant varietal from Jin Xuan (aka TTES#12)  It was found and developed by local tea master, Mr. Chen Jinchang (陳錦昌).  In 20 years ago, Mr. Chen identified a mutant variety from his Jin Xuan tea garden, and found its aroma is way different (and better) from Jin Xuan.  After years of experiments and development, the Golden Jade tasted today is the 4th generation from its original version.

Brew Method:

  • 5 gram tea + 150 boiling water (tea/ water ration 1:30)
  • To warm the tea pot/cups with hot water before steeping.  It is to avoid the boiling water from cooling down when in contact with tea pot, which may affect the aroma of the tea due to insufficient temperature.
  • Steeping time: 55 sec

Tasting Note:

  • Appearance: gold color in liquor
  • Nose: This is my favorite part.  VERY STRONG fragrance of flowers, incl. Magnolia (玉蘭花)、Osmanthus(桂花)、Jasmine(茉莉花), and a mild note of honey.
  • Palate: Creamy texture in the palate.  Very silky and smooth.  No sense of bitterness.
  • Aftertaste:  A elegant flower fragrance emerges and hovers in the mouth after the first sip.  Long and lasting feeling of sweetness in the mouth.
  • Overall: Very unique in aroma and flavor, and overally balanced in each aspect.  It’s not a popular varietal.  So far I could only find it from its original developer, Mr. Chen, Mingjiang.
Osmanthus decorus

Osmanthus decorus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Magnolia Two

Magnolia Two (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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