Vote and Win a Prize!

Vote and get a chance for winning a PRIZE worthy of USD50! Help us choose our logo from below 9 candidates. Each person has 3 votes. The poll will be opening for a month. We will draw a winner from the polls of the most rated logo. A premium Taiwanese artisanal black tea set worthy of USD50 (incl. Red Jade/Red Rhythm/ Red of Four Seasons) will be given away!

Dear All, For whom already voted or are going to vote. Please leave your email address and tell us which you voted in the Comment Section after voting. We will notify you by email if you win the prize!
Best Regard,


19 thoughts on “Vote and Win a Prize!

  1. I vote for #3 because in my opinion it represents the yin & yang concept. It is simple in design yet eloquent, complex and zen. Where there is softness, there’s hardness and vice versa. Drinking tea is meditative and appreciative, yet sophisticated in abstract if one breaks its down like in art.

  2. NO.5 gets my vote. the illustration of big and small leaves works as a catchy analogy for Easy Tea Hard Choices. This logo registers better on the mind.

  3. I voted 8 as 1st choice, & 2 as second. these’re the best in order, although you prefer no.9. perhaps you’re right, my logo, scares even me.

  4. I just voted but it didn’t ask for my details, so not sure how I can enter the draw for the prize! How does that work?

    • Dear Sarah, thanks for your votes. Please leave your email address here and tell us which you voted in the Comment Section. We will notify by email.
      Best Regard,

  5. 6 and 2 are the best because they’re the most appealing and eye-catching. 3 is a relatively distant third. The rest are somewhat lacking in distinctiveness.

  6. Lawrence, How do you suggest people store this tea if long term(one year)? In the freezer?
    Also, what shelf life do you recommend in your package in ambient conditions?

    • Gary, it’s a very good question. Black tea, especially premium black tea could be storaged for a long time. Few days ago, I tasted some 20 years old black teas from my friend’s collection, and it was so good! Back to your question, the rule of thumb for storing tea is to keep the both temperature/moisture low. Yes, freezer could be a good way to storage tea, but remember not to store it with other foods. In ambient condition, generally the shelf life could be at least 2 years, but I believe it could be much longer given my tasting experience. I will write another blog to discuss the storage method of tea recently. Please follow my blog if interested.

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