How to Brew Red Jade (紅玉) with Milk


Good morning everyone, this time I am gonna to demonstrate how to brew Red Jade (aka Ruby Black, or TTES#18) with MILK. It’s a fun attempt for me as most people tend in Taiwan prefer to drink It Straight. It’s like you won’t use a high end single malt single cask whisky for making cocktail. A part of reason is it’s too expensive to do so, and high quality red jade is expensive. But, I’ve been always loving to experience new possibility with tea. So let’s get started.

Brew Method:
10 gram Red Jade
250ml milk
150ml water

(1)Mix 150ml water and 250ml milk in a kettle
(2)Heat it to 90C, not fully boiled. turn off the fire when there is smallbuble emerging.


(3)Put red jade into the kettle. steep for 10 mins

The we get this (You could add sweetness if you prefer, I don’t becuase I’m not a sweet guy)


  • Appearance:it’s a color of…well, milk tea color
  • Nose: Less fragrance compared with a straight one/ a strong hint of milk, of course
  • Flavour: silky texture, a sense of sweetness, typical feeling of a quality milk tea
  • After Taste: To My Surprise!!! A hint of mint (a typical aroma of Red Jade) arouse from the throat, after the first sip.
  • Overall, it’s a good experience of Milk Tea made of Red Jade.  Less aroma, but more smooth in palate and stronger falvor in after taste.

In sum, I think Red Jade is pretty good to go with milk and sugar. Howver, as for me, I still prefer drinking straight becuase aroma is what I pay the most attention.

Hope you guys enjoy this cup!


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