Easy Tea Hard Choice – Tea Club Round 1- Club of Red

What is the Tea Club of Easy Tea Hard Choice?

Since I realized that artisanal tea tends to stay in local which create a gap between decent local tea makers and worldwide tea connoisseurs, I was trying to find a way fullfill this gap. The idea of Tea Club is inspired by the concept of “wine club” in the wine world, with its goal to provide international tea enthusiasts with an in-depth selection of Taiwan Tea which would be otherwise difficult to be found by people outside of its origin.

Easy Tea Hard Choice is a small but dedicated tea company with its focus only on Taiwan Tea.  Different from other companies relying on tea merchants/distributors as sourcing source, we insist doing the hard work ourselves, go inside the tea growing regions, inspect the tea farms/ tea processing lines, interview the farmers, evaluate the teas, and finally make our recommendations to you.

How does it work

Unlike other club membership required multiple month membership in DAY1, we are doing it on case-by-case basis.

  • Each month, I will propose a tasting event to you in my blog, in the forums, or in other places of interest.
  • The tasting samples will be based on the teas which I brought back from my adventure in tea growing region, and regard worthy of recommendation.
  • Normally, the shipment will be Air Parcel by Chunghwa Post.
  • If satisfied with the samples, you have the option to buy in bulk.

The Tea Selection – 1st Round : Club of Red

Club of Red is One set consisted of 3 premium artisanal black teas originated in Yuchi (Sun Moon Lake), Taiwan.  20 gram for each, with 60 gram in total.

Price: 50 USD  (Free Shipping Worldwide)

Orders and Payments:

Orders and payments could be commenced through our website: Easy Tea Hard Choice, the Tea Club section.

If any other question or request, please email me at  lawrencelai@eztea-tw.com or libaga1102@hotmail.com  I will reply asap.

Lawrence Lai

1.Red of Four Seasons


This is a special black tea which I haven’t mentioned in my blog yet.  It is a small leaf variety (local variety originated in Taiwan) The tea manufacturing process is quite similar with Oriental Beauty, which the tea leafs must be bitten by a small green fly (official name is Jacobiasca formosana, but forget about it, just call it small green fly), only the oxidation level is heavier (90%) than which of Oriental Beauty (70%~80%)

Appearance: light golden

Nose: Very strong aroma with a hint of honey (especially the honey of lungan fruit), herbal note of green grass, and fragrance of lungan wood.  Very special aroma combined all these factors.

Palate: The liquor body is medium.  No sense of bitterness in tongue.  Very smooth feeling in palate.

Aftertaste: Aftertaste is strong and lasting. A feeling of sweetness and  perfume of honey and wood continue to last in my mouth and nose.

Overall:  This is certainly such kind of black tea which I will miss in my dream, just like a mature, charming lady.

longan fruits

longan fruits

small green fly

small green fly

2. Red Rhythm (aka TTES#21)


Red Rhythm (pronounced as Hon Yun in Chinese), also called Taiwan Tea No. 21.  This is a new hybrd variety of Kimen and Kyang (a big leaf variety originated in India), developed by Taiwan Tea Experimental Station.

Brewing method: 3 gram tea with 150 ml boiling water, suggest brew time is 3 min

Appearance: Amber

Nose: Strong note of citrus fruit, and mild follower fragrance

Palate: liquor body is medium to heavy. strong flavor of citrus fruit and middle tannin make a good balance in the palate.

Aftertaste: long and strong, no sense of sweetness in after taste

Overall: It is a strong flavor tea, but unlike its name suggests, the red rhythm is not a rock’n roll with lound and noisy sound, instead it’s more like a old fashioned lovely song. I like the way it.  By the way, there is milk down effect in this tea.

3.Red Jade (aka Ruby Black or TTES#18)


Red Jade (aka Ruby Back or TTES#18, but Red Jade is the closest to its original meaning in Chinese) is the most famous black in Yuchi, Nantou (Sun Moon Lake).  It another hybrid variety (between Taiwan local mountain tea and Myanmar big leaf variety) developed by TTES (Taiwan Tea Experimental Station)

Brewing method: 3 gram tea with 150 ml boiling water, suggest brew time is 3 min

Appearance: Deep golden, but if brew longer (say 4 min), the appearance will become Ruby, of course.

Nose: Strong note of cinnamon and mint

Palate: liquor body is medium.  It’s truly amazing.  Even though the tea is hot, the cool feeling of mint spread out in your palate after taking the first sip.

Aftertaste: long and lasting. the feeling of mint and fragrance of cinnamon hovers for minutes

Overall: It is a amazing tea which I highly recommend.  The fragrance is so special that no other black has a similar taste.


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