Why Do I Write about Tea?

Organic Green Leafs of Bamboo

Organic Green Leafs of Bamboo (Photo credit: epSos.de)






Why do I write about tea? and why should you guys spend time reading?  It’s the very question which every blogger and reader keep in mind.  Several months ago, I asked the same question to myself when I was trying to start my own wine blog. (yeah, no mistaken here.  It is Wine.  I was doing wine business at that time, and still am)  Now, I got my own answer and gonna share with you straightly and honestly.

When I was trying to start a wine blog, I had no idea what it should be look like.  I googled “wine blog” in order to have some clues.  Luckily, I found this site “Wine Blog Awards“, and read the best blog post of 2012 “Why do I Write about Wine” by Evan Dawson.  If you do not have time reading Evan’s article (I bet most of you don’t), I will give you quick summary below.

1. Evan posted a wine article on Facebook in which one of his friend commented ” Enough about wine.  Real people are struggling in real world”

2. Evan was upset and tried to explain why he blogged about wine, and that’s it.

To be honest, after reading his article, I still don’t understand why blogging wine.  I was like ” Yeah, his friend is right.  Why to blog wine when real people are struggling out there?”  (Sorry, Evan! I did not get your points, but it is good for you to find the meaning of your works.  Please keep doing what you do)  So I stooped updating the wine blog ( which was called Talk about Wine at that time)   And until one day I found out what I really wanna do and then started my tea business with a tea blog (called Talk about Tea. The very blog you are reading)

So back to the questions: Why do I write about tea? and Why should you read?

Why do I write about tea?

For making money ,of course, I will not deny that I hope to make profit from tea business.  After to all, we all have a family (or sot of) to feed.  But, I am not doing this entirely for money.  I would have stayed in my banking job if money is all I want.  There is a bigger calling inside me which drives me to this place.  I want my work to help people.

Yes, I really do.  I left my previous job in bank because I realized what I did was not actually helping people.  I want to help local tea farmers who make wonderful teas with all their heart, but with limited time left/ little know how when it comes to selling.  So I traveled to tea plantation regions in Taiwan to find quality tea from small tea farmers directly.  I knocked every door of the farmers one by one, and spent a lot of time talking to learn their growing methods, local history, their passion,  their personal story and experience , is organic farming implanted?  Are they seriously following it or just a marketing strategy?…and ect.

My wife used to think I spent way too much time doing the the talk.  In her thought, a successful businessman should go straight to the point, asking the questions such as, the price, the minimum order, how much amount could you offer annually? End of story.  Go to next one.  Yes, I admit if I were a successful businessman, it should be the questions with first priority.  Yet, I am not a successful businessman.  I believe these questions , about where and how your teas come from, are important, and should be asked by each customer.  I believe to identify the right tea farmers, who are passionate towards growing/ producing tea, and do it in a sustainable way, is important.  I believe if more people buy tea from the right producers, it will encourage more producers to follow this way, which leads to a better quality and healthier tea market.

Why should you guys read?  

There are already tons of tea blogs in the world (and the numbers are still increasing).  Why should you read mine?  Except the reasons that I am good looking and funny, I am  one of the few people, lived in a Taiwan tea growing region, who is able to / willing to blog regularly and enthusiasmly about tea (elder people don’t speak English and seldom use internet, while most young people go for a easier job in a city, not staying in country)

(1) The first hand information from tea growing region.   You will get timely update of the weather and the territory, and how will these factors affect the output and quality of tea in next season?

(2) The local history of tea growing region.  A walkthrough to tea regions in Taiwan which will be handy if you go for a visit to Taiwan.

(3) The face to face interview with local tea masters.  Learning from their wisdom, experience and philosophy.


I am blogging to spread my ideas worldwide, and in a hope to gather a group of people with the same thoughts.  If you are agreeing with me, please start to choose your teas (and foods) consciously which will encourage those who grow/produce their teas ethically and properly.  One person’s strength might be mall, but together, we have a chance to make a difference.  This is what I believe.


6 thoughts on “Why Do I Write about Tea?

  1. I am so excited to read more from you. Sorry for all the comments! I have always thought about owning a bakery when I become older, but I think it would be an amazing idea to incorporate foods and drinks from the source rather than a processed and diluted version of the real thing. Your work is so exciting to me!

  2. Thanks for the post. Really enjoyed reading. I hope for more people like you with so much passion for the own country and tea, of corse.
    Will spend my time to visit your blog often and read more from you!!

  3. You don’t sound to me a businessman rather you sound like a passionate writer and tea lover. I’ve really enjoyed your blog, and furthermore I agree with you that consumers need to be more educated regarding what cup of tea they are consuming.

  4. You don’t sound to me a businessman rather you sound like an passionate writer and tea lover. I’ve really enjoyed your blog, and furthermore I agree with you that consumer needs to be more educated regarding what cup of tea they are consuming.

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