Taiwan Oolong- Lishan Tea (梨山茶)


Here comes again my morning tea tasting series.  Actually, I drink tea all day but only do serious tea tasting in the morning because

(1) the most clear sensation in a day (2) no phone call coming.  give 100%  focus (3) need the natural sunlight to take a picture.

This morning, the tea I am tasting is so called ” high mountain oolong” brought back from Lishan.

Brewing method: 4 gram tea, 200 ml boiling water, brew for 1 min

Appearance: lemon to light golden

Nose: very elegant fragrance with a note of Cosmos (a beautiful flower grown in this  region), also a hint of peach (also famous fruit in this region, and delicious, yes)

Palate: liquor body is medium, no sense of tannin or bitterness in the mouth

After taste:  To my surprise or disappointment I shall say, there is no much sweetness in after taste.  Instead, a sense of wood/smoke arises after drinking.

Overall:  I think this is a quality tea as it reflects perfectly what terrior it has.   The tea itself is like a traditional Chinese painting.  Just like walking in the fog, you could feel/ sense something here, yet you could not get any closer, or have a more clear look.   The beauty of the tea is certainly blur.   It is also the style I love.



蜜桃成熟時 Peach

蜜桃成熟時 Peach (Photo credit: ArthurJo)


波斯菊Cosmos (Photo credit: 【丹尼斯Palate:


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