Red Rhythm Black Tea#21 紅韻紅茶(台茶21號)


No time like tea time, (borrowed from a tea blog I followed haha) especially tea time in the morning.  This morning, I sipped Red Rhythm (pronounced as Hon Yun in Chinese), also called Taiwan Tea No. 21.  This is a new hybrd variety of Kimen and Kyang, developped by Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station.

Brewing method:

3 g tea with 150ml water, brewing for 3 min 30 sec.


Unlike its name suggests, the red rhythm is not a rock’n roll with lound and noisy sound, intead it’s more like a old fashioned lovely song. I like the way it is but not as much as which of Ruby Black#18.

The color of liqour is deep golden (maybe I brewed for too long).  There is strong note of citrus, and a mild flowery in aroma.  A stronger flavor in the palate, with a sense of tannis in the mounth (again, maybe I brewed too long, will try cutting the brewing time to 3 min next time)

Overall, it’s a good quality tea. I think it will go long with cookie and desert very well.  I will surely try so next time.


One thought on “Red Rhythm Black Tea#21 紅韻紅茶(台茶21號)

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