Taiwan Oolong – Golden Jade (金玉茶)

Taiwan Oolong/ Golden Jade

A Cup of Golden Jade

This is a very interesting tea I brought back from my tea trip in Mingjiang, Taiwan.  Golden Jade is a mutant varietal from Jin Xuan (aka TTES#12)  It was found and developed by local tea master, Mr. Chen Jinchang (陳錦昌).  In 20 years ago, Mr. Chen identified a mutant variety from his Jin Xuan tea garden, and found its aroma is way different (and better) from Jin Xuan.  After years of experiments and development, the Golden Jade tasted today is the 4th generation from its original version. Continue reading


Vote and Win a Prize!

Vote and get a chance for winning a PRIZE worthy of USD50! Help us choose our logo from below 9 candidates. Each person has 3 votes. The poll will be opening for a month. We will draw a winner from the polls of the most rated logo. A premium Taiwanese artisanal black tea set worthy of USD50 (incl. Red Jade/Red Rhythm/ Red of Four Seasons) will be given away! Continue reading

How to Brew Red Jade (紅玉) with Milk


Good morning everyone, this time I am gonna to demonstrate how to brew Red Jade (aka Ruby Black, or TTES#18) with MILK. It’s a fun attempt for me as most people tend in Taiwan prefer to drink It Straight. It’s like you won’t use a high end single malt single cask whisky for making cocktail. A part of reason is it’s too expensive to do so, and high quality red jade is expensive. But, I’ve been always loving to experience new possibility with tea. So let’s get started. Continue reading

Easy Tea Hard Choice – Tea Club Round 1- Club of Red

What is the Tea Club of Easy Tea Hard Choice?

Since I realized that artisanal tea tends to stay in local which create a gap between decent local tea makers and worldwide tea connoisseurs, I was trying to find a way fullfill this gap. The idea of Tea Club is inspired by the concept of “wine club” in the wine world, with its goal to provide international tea enthusiasts with an in-depth selection of Taiwan Tea which would be otherwise difficult to be found by people outside of its origin. Continue reading

Why artisanal tea usually stays in local? (A point of view from Taiwan perspectives)

Definition of Artisanal Tea

Before beginning, let’s me start with a definition of “artisanal tea”.  It is a terminology excessively used by today’s tea industry.  Every tea merchant can call their stokcs artisanal (or connoisseur’s tea, or collector’s tea) in order to sell at higher price.   By common definition, artisanal tea is made by a experienced tea master, and is usually made by hand , therefore rare and limited in availability.  Such I all agree with.  However, from my point of view, the most important requirement of a artisanal tea is that it should impress you, not that you are impressed by the skyrocket price or by the fame of award wining, but only by its internal qualities, aroma/ flavor/ complexity..ect.  Therefore, my definition of a true artisanal tea is that you would say ” how come I never have a tea like this before” after the first sip from your cup.         Continue reading