How to brew ruby black 紅玉紅茶的泡法


These days, I dranked quite a few of ruby black #18 from many tea farmers in Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.  The teas grown in different villages have different aromas and flavor even from the same plantation region of Sun Moon Lake.  Guess it’s why the French puts so much importantance on the “Terrior” of wine region.  I will write another article to talk about this later.  What we will talk about today is simply how to brew a excellent ruby tea.


One day, I made a pot of ruby for my family to drink.  I am not trying to be exagerated but the taste was really great.  Even later when I went back to the tea farmer who sold me the tea and asked him to brew it with the same grade tea,  he could not even reach the standard of my brew.  The following is my method. You are welcome to try if interested.  But rememebr you might want to make some adjustment according to your preferences.  Afterall, brewing tea is an arr of some sort.

話說有一天,我泡了一壺紅玉給家人喝 ,不是我在臭蓋,但味道真的棒極了。即使後來我回到賣我紅茶的茶廠,請主人泡同樣等級的紅玉,也達不到這樣的味道。以下是我的泡法,各位有興趣可以方法試試看,並依據自己的喜好調整紅茶與水的比率,以及沖泡的時間,說到底泡茶也是一門藝術。

Tea pot is ordinary glass, the water is reverse osmosis water.

Tea Weight: 5 grams

Water: 300cc (water and tea ratio is about one sixty)

Water temperature: 95 degrees

Brewing time: 2 ½ minutes



水:300cc (水與紅茶比率大概是1:60)



Many beginners in tea have problem with how to determine the amount of tea leaf put in a pot.  Personally, I will have an electronic scale ready on the table.  But if you do not want do this every time you are having tea.  You could choose to use a tea spun instead.  Remember, a teaspoon of crushed type Ceylon black tea may have 6 grams, while a tea spun of fluffy ruby black tea may only have 3 grams.    Hope everyone can brew out of the tea that best fits their taste.



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