Adventure Begins

In the early of 2013, I finished my 10-yrs career in banking, and decided to go back to Taiwan, my sweet home, to pursue another adventure in my life. (It is MY Hand in the picture)

在2013年初,我結束了十年的銀行業職涯,決定回到我甜蜜的故鄉,台灣,去追尋人生另一個大冒險 (照片上是我的手喔)。

To be honest, I was not sure about what to do at first.  I spent my first 3 month at my family’s wine cellar, trying to figure out a better method of storage for those vintages (some of which are very old and rare).  I got plenty of time to read all these wine/ whisky bibles and get drunk with tons of samples.  One night, I was invited to attend a whisky event where one young man, a Scotch whisky blender actually, made a presentation of a single malt whisky from his hometown.  When he started to show some slides of the view of distillery, it struck me that this is exactly what I want to do.  I want to introduce something really great to the world, just like Scotch people do the same for their scotch whisky.  Something could only be found and produced in Taiwan, just like Scotch whisky could only be produced in Scotland/ Champagne could only be made in Champange. My answer is Taiwanese Tea.


Hey dude, Thanks for the inspiration although I really can’t remember your name.


The decision is made and I am planing next step.  My plan is to go to all the famous tea plantation regions in Taiwan, to talk to local tea growers/ manufacturers.  I know this may not be the best way to do business.  But what I really want is to see the places and the people who grow tea.  After all, buying tea is all about a trust issue, and what i wanna do is to minimize the risk for me and for the people who will be my future clients, just as what I did in the banking field.


Below is famous tea regions of Taiwan.  I will update my blog with my trip to those tea plantation region.  Next one is “Min Jien”, the biggest tea plantation region in Taiwan.



5 thoughts on “Adventure Begins

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    • 我的第一個留言!好感動!!!這幾年人在海外,看到台灣經濟走下坡,社會低迷不振,很多人在嚷嚷著:鬼島要沉了,大家塊陶阿!心裡面一直有這樣一個聲音:那些要跑要逃的都走吧!但是,我想要回去,僅管力量很小,也希望為台灣做一點甚麼。我相信還有很多人像我一樣,還有希望,大家一起加油!

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